Hi! I’m Patricia.

Owner, Editor, & Wedding Maven

My childhood fascination with weddings has withstood the test of time. Just ask my little sister and younger cousin. They belted out “Here Comes the Bride,” while I donned my great grandmother’s old dress and glided down the hall-turned-aisle. Many years later, I glided across a stage to accept my Neuroscience bachelor’s degree. Then, I promptly informed my parents that I wanted to become an event planner.

You can probably imagine their reactions, but I’ve been in the wedding and event industry in one way or another ever since. I even started my own wedding planning company, before I realized that my ultimate passion was in sharing ideas and writing. Bay Blooms Weddings was launched in May 2016 and is the long-envisioned marriage (pun intended) of those two interests. In October 2019, I became a full-time blogger, and it’s the best. job. ever.

As if that career love story isn’t magical enough, I’ve also managed to find two great loves in my personal life – my husband, Richard, a tech wizard and wannabe pro mountain biker, and our son, Joseph.

People Might Be Surprised to Know

For a brief period of time, I very seriously considered going to mortuary school and becoming a funeral home director.

Dream Wedding Destination

Anywhere in Italy

Three Things I Can’t Live Without

Cheese (I went dairy free while nursing my son and I missed cheese so much I cried), and a lash lift

My Stupid Human Trick

I can say the alphabet backwards.


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